What is a sorority?

A sorority is an all-woman organization at a university that participates in a number of social, philanthropic and academic activities. Cal Poly hosts ten different sororities on campus that make up the amazing Greek society.  Sororities offer opportunities to get involved on campus by interacting with other sororities, fraternities, sports team and other clubs on campus.



Where can I sign up for recruitment?

All information about recruitment can be found at the Panhellenic Website including where to sign up for Fall 2018 recruitment. Sign ups will be available starting August 1st! We also encourage you to submit letters of recommendation to us prior to recruitment. Please visit our Recruitment Page for more information.


What is recruitment?

Recruitment is a two week process where girls get to know each of the ten sorority houses on our campus. Potential New Members, also known as PNM’s, will have the opportunity to visit each house. During the visit you will meet active members of each chapter that will provide more information and show you around the house. Through this mutual selection process potential new members learn the ideals of each house including their philanthropy, sisterhood and social events.


What events occur during recruitment?

On the first day of recruitment you will be placed in a group of about 10 girls and assigned a non-affiliated member of Greek life, called a Recruitment Counselor. Your "RC" will help you through each day, try to answer all your questions, and guide you to your chosen house. Your group will attend the following events during recruitment:

  • House Tours

  • Sisterhood Day

  • Philanthropy Day

  • Preference "Pref" Night

  • Bid Night

Who leads us through recruitment?

New members are put into small groups and assigned to a Recruitment Counselor. These counselors act as recruitment guides and lead you through the recruitment process. Each day potential new members meet with their group to get their schedule. These counselors help to provide an unbiased opinion and great advice on choosing the right house for you.


What should I wear for recruitment?

Attire is casual for House Tours, Sisterhood and Philanthropy Days and semi-formal for Preference Night. Since you will be walking to some of the houses, it is important to wear comfortable shoes for walking. For casual days we recommend wearing something cute and fun. Semi-formal attire for Preference Night is an evening to get dressed up and shine. If you decide to wear your super cute heels or wedges, you may want to bring a pair of sandals to wear as you walk to the houses.


What should I consider when choosing a house?

Many girls ask themselves a number of questions when deciding what house truly fits them. Some questions to consider when in this position:

  • What values do I admire most?

  • What girls could I call at any time of the day?

  • Which house do I see myself spending my college career in?

  • Which house has similar values to my own?

  • What girls seemed the most genuine?

  • What letters would I be proud to wear on a daily basis?

  • What house fits my budget the best?

  • The best advice we can give you when meeting actives from each house is to be yourself! This is the guaranteed way for you to land the best house for you that will provide you with the best opportunities and even better friends and memories.



What is a New Member class?

The new member class of Fall 2020 will include all of the women who receive their bid from Alpha Chi this fall. You will be taught the values of Alpha Chi along side your new group of around 60 sisters. After the new member period, your new member class will be initiated together to become active members of Alpha Chi Omega. There are tons of new member events that provide plenty of time to bond with you new sisters and make memories that will last a lifetime. This group will go through the education program together in order to help new members make a smooth transition to college life while learning the history of Alpha Chi Omega nationally, as well as locally at Cal Poly.



Who will lead me through my new member process before initiation?

Sophia Riddering will be your “Pledge Mom” who will teach you about Alpha Chi Omega. She will prepare you for initiation and be in charge of your new-member retreat. Sophia will always be available for any questions or concerns you may have throughout your new member period and beyond. She will also assign new members with a “Lyre Buddy” each week to help welcome them to the sisterhood. Lyre buddies are older Alpha Chi's who will be looking to take a new member as their Little Sister in the chapter. This allows sisters an opportunity to get to know the new members and the new members an opportunity to get to know their new sisters.



Does Alpha Chi Omega haze their new members?

Absolutely not. There is no hazing of any kind and in fact, your new member period will be filled with fun sisterhood events to help you get to know your new member class and the rest of the chapter. You will also most likely be showered with presents during the process of being paired with a big sister.



What is initiation?

Initiation is a special ceremony to welcome our new members into the lifelong sisterhood of Alpha Chi Omega. Each of Cal Poly’s ten sororities will host their own individual initiation ceremony. Initiation is a special tradition that every sorority woman has had the privilege of participating in and will cherish for a lifetime. To learn more about our ritual visit



What can I gain from joining a sorority?

Sorority life gives members the opportunity to partake in leadership positions, intramural sport teams, and social activities (ie. dinners, dances and parents weekends). A sorority provides opportunities to make lifelong friendships through an unbreakable bond.  You will have many memorable experiences you will cherish for life. In addition, sorority provides networking opportunities in the professional world with resume workshops and conventions that Alpha Chi’s can attend.



What are Alpha Chi Omega’s core values?

Alpha Chi Omega was founded as a musical fraternity and prides itself on 5 core values. The ladies of Alpha Chi Omega exemplify Academic Interest, Character, Financial Responsibility, Leadership Ability, and Personal Development. Alpha Chi Omega believes in the importance of intellectual development and encourages scholarship and intellectual achievement. Alpha Chi Omega expects members to accept and reflect moral integrity and dignity, social awareness, and fraternity loyalty. Alpha Chi Omega expects members to be responsible for the prompt payment of all dues and fees and other financial commitments. Alpha Chi Omega believes that character, personality, and leadership are developed through participation in campus activities and encourages each collegian to be interested in her community. Alpha Chi Omega believes in the development of members in their cultural appreciation, the social awareness, and personal presentation. To learn more about our organization, visit

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